Best Ulpan Classes Since Sinai!






Dear Ulpan Family,

First the Beatles and now our legendary Ulpan class.  It really sparks some very stark questions, like: Why not the Stones instead of us? Why couldn't we have had just a few more minutes with Aryeh? What was the coffee really made of?

I know you have your own painful queries, too, but we all should keep them still in our hearts as we remember together the fine moments we shared.  For example, who will ever forget saying "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited", "I waited"?  Whose heart will not go pitter-patter whenever they hear the phrase: "He who promises need to fulfill" or "Did Line 5 pass? No, it will pass in 5 minutes." 

No, it is all just a vivid memory, like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, Richard Nixon's final wave, and cheap chalk breaking with each Hebrew letter trying to be etched on a frustrated, scarred chalkboard.

But, just as that same chalk always seemed to roll off the end of the desk, only to be crushed by some kind sole, today we too were given the news by Orna herself that we are dust.

The short explanation is that it would have been difficult to have explained to the Misrad Whatever why a teacher paid (slave wages) to teach 20 students was laboring -- and I do mean laboring -- to shove 3 verbs a day into 5 remaining Anglo-heads.  (Try translating that, Renie!)

What we will do from here is not for this moment (although an unnamed source close to the situation claims that Dori will be opening a competing Ulpan for those of the furry persuasion).  No, now is the time to remember fondly those first few awkward moments in September when we all eyed each other with suspicion and to remember that we all thought it would never end (the suspicion, not Ulpan).

Sara and I will be thrilled to see most of you, as will the teachers, I think.  Thanks for putting up with me. 

September 1, 2003 Tour College Ulpan Forever!

Jeff  (Self proclaimed alphamale)